Friday, July 29, 2016

Finally rainy season has finihsed.

Japan Meteorological Agency  announced that rainy season in Kantou was finished.

This morning we picked ripe green peppers (their color is red), and tomatoes.
I fried red peppers, beef, and eggs. And I put cucumbers and tomatoes on the same plate.

I thought I felt restorative, a new weekend is just around the corner.
To tell the truth, this week I'm struggling against a slight fever. I don't seem to be caught by a cold, the fever seems to come from tiredness.
On the other hand, my mother who is 82 years old, said at the night she came back home, she sweated a lot in the bed.  so at the middle night, she changed her pajamas. -- the next morning she was usual "she" --- powerful woman.
I'm very surprised to hear that, and I'm very relieved to hear that.

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