Tuesday, July 19, 2016

I wonder about that!!

A woman who live abroad showed an interesting article.

The title is  "10 Reasons Why The Japanese Live Longer Than Any Other People On Earth".
I know we have the highest level of longevity. It might be a wonderful thing, because some countries have a problem to get lower level of  longevity.

On the other hand, we have some problems such as longevity crisis,  nursing care system, and lonely old people.

Well, well, anyway the article was very interesting. I looked into it.

1. They eat lots of vegetables.
Probably it's right. However my friends who live in foreign countries seem to like eating lots of vegetables. The important point is that kids also eat or have to eat lots of vegetables at "school lunch". When I was an elementary school, if students left something they don't like (at that time no one knew they couldn't eat or they wouldn't eat. These days it is clear that some kids "cannot" eat some things because of they cause allergy)  students were disciplined by teachers. (Now to force to eat some things is  "prohibited".) School lunch is a key factor to foster a habit of eating vegetables regularly in our life.

2. They cook their food differently.
I'm really surprised to see this sentence. Some people who come from other countries say "Japanese dishes have the same taste ---soy sauce taste".
These days some people like to use herbs or spices, the other prefer soy sauce, salt and plain taste.
Actually we boil , grill, steam, fry, or deep fry ingredients. And these days another way is added "chin". Do you know what it means --microwaved.

3. They drink a lot of tea.
The photo of this side is drinking "traditional green tea" called MACCHA.
We seldom drink MACCAH, though we have lots of MACCHA flavor sweets.
And senior people prefer to drink usual green tea, and young people , I don't know.
What the interesting thing is, usually at Japanese restaurant "usual green tea" is served for free as well as water. So Japanese people are seemed to drink  a lot of tea.

4. Their food is fresh.
Japanese people  tend to seek for something fresh. Meat, fish, vegetables and  -- even bread and dishes.
Additionally "vegetables are always fresh"  --- I think. If they are not fresh, they are getting rotten.

5. They've got smaller plates.
It's  a little wrong. Many dishes are served in a small amount with a small plate --- at KAISEKI-dishes. At house most of people use a rice bowl, soup bowl, and some plates.
However it is right the plates are smaller than American usual dinner plats.

6. They stand, walk and squat more.
I was laughing at see this sentence. Because nowadays my project is how I walk more.
People who live in a big city, they have to walk. Because the main means of transportation is trains or buses. So they have to walk and usually everywhere is crowded so they have to be standing. (I don't know whether people squat or not). On the other hand people who don't live in a big city, the main means to transportation is car. So for such people including me, how we walk more is our task.
And on average people who live in cities are thinner than people who don't live in cities.

7.  They've got morning exercise --on radio.
Oh, really??? when I was a child, it means long long ago , morning exercise on radio used to be taken as a usual task at school, company, and local community. However now---- at some factories morning exercise might keep to be continued.
On the other hand morning exercise on radio is taken as a traditional event for children's summer vacation.  When I was a kid, I used to have to go to the park do this morning exercise every morning during the summer vacation (about 35 days),
Nowadays,  probably just one week some kids go to the park to join this "traditional event".
And -- the organizers are "mothers". This event is taken over every year. So for the mothers who are in charge of this event, this one-week "job" is  a very hard job.
Usually doing morning exercise starts at 6:30. so the organizers have to go to the place at 6:15.

8.  They've got universal health care.
I love our health insurance system. Everyone goes to clinic  when they get ill without concerning.
On the other hand, I know some clinics are place for senior people to communicate each other. Senior people often goes to clinic if somewhere hurts a little bit, and talk with another senior patients( you can say visitors) at the waiting room.  so increasing the cost of medical care is one of our government problems.

9. They spend more time outside.
Well, well, --- it's interesting.
I think depends of generation. These days increasing the number of lonely old people is getting problem. I think European people spend more time outside.

10. They focus on cleanliness.
"focus", it's a good word, isn't it.
Actually at school cleaning not only classrooms but also hallway and restroom  is taken as a way to discipline ourselves.
Focus and keep are different things, aren't they?
I know lots of "messy" houses.

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