Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Karaku tea room

Yesterday, it was the day of Karaku  for me.
It means it is the day when I become a pianist once a month.
After 30 minutes performance this set was served. It was the wonderful time for me.
These days the audience are usually in their 60 or 70's. And some senior couples were there.
"It can't be helped". Because the owners get old and "I" also get old.  When  I started this performance, I was in my 30's. At that time "many" housewives used to be in Japan. I was surprised one -fourth people are over 65 in Japan, and more that 70 percent of 30's and 40's women work now.
So I understand why audience are in their 60 or 70's.
And --- these days I think the following thing.
When I see (senior) couples see coming, I'm very happy.
Usually audience are women's group or a single man.
Because  -- senior couple who living with their pensions probably think it's expensive to have just tea or coffee at a tearoom, because they can have tea or coffee at their house watching TV.
So if I give some pleasure by my performance and if they find worth coming to Karaku, I'm very happy.
To tell the truth, Yuki and I also seldom go to café just to have tea or coffee. However if we listen to something or watch something, we manage to go there.
It was a good day for me yesterday. 

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