Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Peach cobbler

Yesterday I hold an event at home "let's make a couplet poem with rhyming".
And I served ---"peach cobbler".
It was the first time to hear the name, and bake it.
It was very "easy" and tasty.

cited from (A to Z summer poem)
P is for Peach Cobbler
Perfect dessert for a warm summer’s day
Enjoyed all over the US of A
A cobbler – a pie with no bottom crust
Can be made with many fruits, but a must
Has to be peach –It’s just so summery
Cherries work, as do most types of berry
Of course apples and rhubarb are common too
But we all have our favorites – do you
Best thing is, you can whip one up real quick
Luscious and juicy–simply fantastic
Even writing this verse makes me want one
Ready to go and turn on the oven
Actually it doesn't have bottom curst, and I whipped the dough real quick and shortly and baked it.

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