Saturday, July 30, 2016

Usual Saturday

It is a usual Saturday.
Yuki vacuumed the rooms on the second floor, water the garden, and treated trees "a little" instead of weeding , and went to play tennis.

I put away 15 things, included 5books which I'm gong to take a used book store.
I cooked pre-cooked dishes for this coming week.
And I'll vacuum  rooms on the first floor.

And probably when I finish my morning jobs, Yuki will comes back and it will be the time for lunch, so I have already set a timer of a rice cooker.

Potatoes and onion mayonnaise salad.
Grilled eggplants soled into soy sauce tasted soup with shoos leaves
Salmon and onion marine
Salted cucumbers
Boiled corn

Flash-cooked small tomatoes soaked into sugar syrup
Boiled carrots marinated with honey, vinegar and olive oil
Simmered green peppers and kidney beans with Dashi and soy sauce
Boiled pork and Moroheiya- leaves soaked u to lemon juice, and olive oil

Have a nice weekend!

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