Thursday, July 28, 2016

Warning appeared suddenly.

It happened yesterday.
When I searching some information on the Internet, suddenly my computer started beeping and earning message appeared.
I didn't understand what had happened. I clicked the cross mark on the sign,but the beeping sound didn't stop.

So I  decided to contact   "Windows support" at the number on the warning sign. It was a toll-free number. They answered quickly ( it was the first point that I suspected the sight) , and the person at the end of the line spoke strange Japanese. So I suspected the sight more.
I hanged up on "her". However the beeping sound didn't stop.

I looked for the warranty and user register card. The I called the PC help center, however I had to wait about for 30 minutes. Because the call center was so busy. 
I almost got panics.
Finally I could contact with the help center, and  another "she" suggested me that
first activate task manager ---- finally the beeping sound stopped.
next check whether computer virus is installed or not.  ---fortunately computer virus and software were not installed.
She said it must have been a fraud sight, if you had obeyed the fake windows support operator, you would have been stolen your personal information, or paid some money automatically.
it was about a 50-minute event.
Additionally  on the warning sign, there was also OK sign, but I wondered whether to go to the next stage. And my choice was "right".
Be careful!!!  

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