Monday, September 26, 2016

Last Saturday


It was a really interesting weekend.
On Saturday  we went to craft fairs where two of my friends had their booths.
Yes, "my friends", it means they are not professionals, but not are completely amateurs. Recently such craftsmen between professionals and amateurs sometimes hold craft fairs called Marushe .
I bought a bag.
You might think it's a usual bag.
No, the crafts-woman, who is my friend, uses special cloth called Miya-zome.  Miya comes from Utsuno"miya" city. The cloth is dyed here in Utsunomiya.
Usually the cloth dyed here is used for special cloth  or store curtain. She contracted with the craftsman of Miyazome and collaborated. Usually the entire  cloth is expensive, however she uses   the odds and ends.  Usually the cloth is used as a large size, so some pieces are left. She uses them.
Compared to usual handmade bags, the Miyazome bags are little bit expensive. However I'm really happy to have something related with my town.
I went there with Yuki.
Usually for men such Yuki such place is not so interesting, however --- these days he can enjoy them, because,
He likes to find something for his granddaughter.
First he chose the red square bag, but before deciding to buy it he called his daughter to ask her opinion. Then it took a long time to choose. We sent all pictures on the  spot and ---  of course his select was rejected. Can you guess what bag was chosen?


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