Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Last Sunday

On Sunday, we went to see a play by our local drama group. Here in Utsunomiya, "THEATER itself is not so popular, though Jazz music is getting popular. So I was really surprised to know that there is such a  drama group.It was formed in 2010, and this  performance was  was the 7th production for them. They played "miracle worker" . The actors, actresses, and staff are in all generations, from their 10's to 60's. So the audience was also in all generations. The members of the group probably have work, and on the same time "pursue" their passion.   Yuki and I were really inspired.
These days I sometimes feel something new has come to Utsunomiya. When I came here this city was a really old style city. More than half of people had never been out of this city except traveling. However, many people came here from other places like us when this city got some big companies , and they raised their kids, and they went to study at big cites or abroad and came back here (not everyone) or, people coming here like us began to do something new. It seems to lead a new wind.
After watching the play, we went to an old house which were opened to the public recently. It is  the only one old Samurai residence  left now. Around the house there is a small river where some carp are swimming. At the house, another Marshe was held, this time we didn't buy anything; however we really enjoyed the place.



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