Thursday, September 15, 2016

Mr. yamashita's concert

Yousuke Yamashita is one of great Jazz artists in Japan.
Last weekend Yuki and I went to listen to him.
His concert was held in a private concert hall.
The owner's couple are our acquaintances.

Of course Yuki and I love Jazz.
However the customers coming to this hall are not so interested in Jazz. Of course they like music.
They are interested in what tunes they hear in the private hall. They are mainly the owner's friends and acquaintances like us.

It means -- half of them are in their 60's or 70's.
Mr.Yamashita knows this situation. So his talking style and playing tunes are different from his usual concerts (he said).
It's really fun for us.

The owner's couple are very big fan of Mr. Yamashita. They built this concert hall to invite Mr. Yamashita.
When they were young ( in their 40's and 50's)  they were "groupies" (what is the suitable word?)
And one day they asked him directly " we got old, so if we built our concert hall could you come and play for us?"
Mr. Yamashita said "yes". (later he said it is a kind of joke)

And a few years later, they built the concert hall.
Since the concert hall was built  9 years passed. Mr. Yamashita has come once every two years.
And he also introduce his artist friends to them. So even though the concert hall is in a rural area, some "famous" musicians come to play the concert secretly.

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