Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Point cards

Are you good at colleting points of some shops and using them effectively?
Do you remember one of my hobby or weekly duty is throwing 15 things away.
Last week I decided to use the point tickets ( the right things in the photo).
They are point tickets of a stationery shop. These days I seldom go there, it is easier to go 100 yen shop or buy things on the net.
So I stocked these tickets in a drawer.
I went to the shop. And ---  the tickets were expired. To say more correctly they are "indefinite", however the system finished. They changed a ticket system into a point card system. So if I make a point card, the point is moved in to the card and I use the point.
However --- I'm not good at using cards. I don't have more point cards.
So I "threw away" the tickets which is worth in 450 yen.
I learned such points have to be used quickly.
So I used another card there. (The stationery shop is in a mall, so I went to another shop in the mall.)
I bought some aroma oil using the points. ( the purple card in the photo).
I saved 1000 yen.
So numerically I saved  around 500 yen.

I dropped by a café and had a tea time .

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