Tuesday, September 06, 2016

Private library & used book shop

It's too hot -- even it is September. I think it's hotter than in August.
This weekend we went to Kirifuri highland where it takes about one hour by car.
The place is famous for having lots of pensions and vacation homes. And of course there are people living there.
A person moved there after his retirement and opened a private library to residents  and also sell used books. He used to work for Asahi newspaper as a reporter and he is also a poet.
So we were really interested in books he deals in.

Yuki and I read books. However it's sometimes difficult to select books. Because there are too many books in book stores and in the library.
New books are a little bit expensive, so we often go to used book shops. The way I select is -- (because there are too many books), I chose books what I try to read among 100 yen books.
When I go to the library, I chose one character depends on my feeling, and the book written by the authors starting with the character.
This used book shop (and the library) is not so big or, you can say very small, so it's very easy to choose books. He doesn't deal in any love stories. It doesn't mind.
During browsing books, three of us were talking a lot. He served coffee to us.
We bought five books in 1400 yen.
He said "books without a price tag are so-so (they are sold by 200 yean each) and books with  a price tag are "very" good books."
Of course what is good and what is not good depends on person. However this part makes us interested.
We had a really good time there.

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