Wednesday, September 21, 2016

question time --- An event "making playing cards using Japanese post cards" finihsed

Yesterday I hold an event "let's make playing cards using Japanese post cards".

I got total 7 attendees ( I hold it in the morning and in the afternoon, twice).

So today I'll give you a brief quiz.
What is the suitable picture, please number the order.

 Oh, I forgot to put a number to the picture in the right bottom corner. The number is "6".
( ) Be careful! Although look yummy, they are not  edible.
( ) Through the gates of thunder the famous temple
( ) There is happiness across this structure.
( ) The bridge in emperor's place, is famous for its structure.
( ) Don't stare at it so much. It could be blinding.
( ) Buddhist structure in a city which is famous for aggressive deer.
( ) You see many cherry blossoms in full bloom over an old building.
( ) beautiful woman in an ancient capital of Japan
Additionally these are famous sight seeing spots in Japan.
1  The name of the bridge is Nijyu bashi.
2  It's Kinkakuji temple in Kyoto.
3  We see Hokkij  over there. It's in Nara.
4  It's Bay Bridge in Yokohama.
5  It's Todaiji Temple in Nara.
6. This girl is one of Maiko in Kyoto.
7. It is the main gate of Asakusa temple in Tokyo
8. It is Himeji castle built in 1601, in Hyogo prefecture.
We had a good time while enjoying good coffee and sweet.

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