Thursday, October 27, 2016

free exhibitions are always fulled senior people

These days, I attended to "free" (to be precise, I got a complimentary ticket) concert and seminar.
Both of them were wonderful.

One is a small concert organized by a company. Though the photo is not good, can you see the percussions? The percussion player was very attractive. She  usually plays the classical percussions, and as a hobby? or as her second job, she plays the Latin percussions. We are lucky to see her and listen to her performance in this town. (She usually performs in Tokyo)
---- most of the listeners were seniors and this time couples like us were many.
I know because the company presented the complimentary tickets to their clients, who are not young adults.
And on a weekday, I attended at a lecture meeting. It was hold in the day time of a weekday, so ---
the attendee were "not housewives", retired men.
Because the presenter is a famous editor of a newspaper publisher, and the title is "where Japanese politics are going to ?"
Yuki said "will you be able to understand what he lectures?" -- Than we expected it was easy and fun.
Anyway what made me surprised how many senior men there were in the day time!
And I wonder what they do usually????

Well, I attend at it with my friend. And the event was hold at a hotel.
So -- of course we had a good tea time.

Additionally, in the tea room, few senior men were there, though we saw some senior couples.


Marta said...

Looks like you had a great time!

Mieko said...

Thanks for your comment, yes, we had a good time.