Thursday, October 06, 2016

Jack o lantern

Our usual days have come with strange weather.
The day before yesterday, it was very hot, and yesterday it was a usual autumn day, and today it seems to be going to be hot.
Did I tell you? Last month I got a huge pumpkin for free from a farmer.

I was going to carve it at the end of this month with my students. However probably because of this strange weather, I noticed that the pumpkin started to go rotten. So it was impossible.
So I decided to carve it hastily.
 I called some students who were available, and carved the pumpkin.
I said to them " it doesn't matter you come at night".
Before they coming, I pre-cut it for them. --- I dare to say "It was the toughest job".

Two students came in the evening, and they cut them and took them to their home.

So a student came with her father and --- "he" carved it.

A junior high school students came on the way home from the cram school. He never squatted down because he didn't want to get his clothes and himself dirty. So he carved while saying my back hurts.

It was a good evening and night. I decorated one of them outside for one night.
We did in the entrance hall, so this morning the entrance hall was full of "bad" smell of raw pumpkin.
Yuki and I washed the entrance hall this morning, and  -- today it was a garbage  collection day, so I threw it off. It was already covered with small bugs, because today it is getting hot.




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