Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Kazahano bookshop

Yesterday, it was a holiday. However Yuki went to work as usual, and I had lessons in the morning.
In the afternoon, I went to a beauty shop which my friend runs, and had my hair dyed and cut while talking with her.

And I visited a bookshop called Kazahano bunko.
The wife runs a used book shop and private library on the second floor, and the husband runs a café on the first floor.
At the private library she puts a few my English picture books, so I checked the situation while talking with her. Some customers seem to show a little interest to English picture books.

And I had coffee at the café.

While drinking a cup of coffee, I read this book.
The original version is French, and I don't know the tile in English.
If I were to translate the Japanese title in English, a story about an old lady in Paris 

A phrase made me laugh.
"The old lady grilled "poorly" 125 g stake.
(according to the book she seems to be 80 year old)
She still eats 125 g stake , that's enough, she is so powerful. --- it is a way of Japanese.


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