Monday, October 10, 2016

Refurbishing starts!

Yuki and I finally started to refurbish the rooms on the second floor.
Main refurbishing is renewing tatami mats in my room and changing the carpet floor into wooden floor in Yuki"s room. And we are thinking about changing wall paper of --- one room, or two rooms or including entrance hall and stairs. And prbably we need to have repair the toilet on the first floor.

Before  the tatami room refurbishing, I organize one shelf. 

And Yuki and I organized books in the two book shelves.

What a lot of garbage bags. As you know I usually throw 15 things away once a week, this time we threw more than 15 big bags away.  We did it on Saturday and Sunday, and fortunately today Monday is a garbage collection day. so all bags have gone.

And we took a small book shelf to the city recycle center with our car.
However this big book shelf is impossible to put it in our car. So I bought a ticket o ask he city hall to carry it to the city recycle center. They come in two weeks. So for a while this leaves in the entrance hall.

Well, now we are ready to start to refurbish. A home builder, who organized our house came, and we asked him to get an estimate .  Can you guess how much -----?

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