Monday, October 17, 2016

small exhibitions

I tried to update everyday-- it's difficult to take enough time to write it in English, though thankfully I have something to let you know everyday.

This weekend, Yuki and I visited small exhibitions, it means the two exhibitions were held by "petit bourgeois" or usual people.

One is a calligraphy exhibition.
All of them are armatures, however each letter showed each character.
I used to visit our daughters' calligraphy exhibitions because they used to learn.
At that time some adults' works were displayed, and saying "what a cool" we admired  them.

This time no kids' works were there. So we didn't see adorable works, however all of  them are strong, kind, beautiful, elaborated, and "difficult".
It was very interesting.

Next day we went to see a performance of "shigin", a kind of Japanese dance with Japanese fan or sword. For us it was the first time to see them.
I've seen Japanese dance a few times, because one of my friends has learned still now. The friend is "a woman". This time the person who invited us is a man who is older than us. So it was the first time to see dancing by a Japanese senior men in a traditional Kimono.
It was really fun.

 Seeing a professional show or exhibition is , of course fun. but seeing such a heartful small amtarue show is also fun.

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