Friday, October 07, 2016

Social action work

I'll tell you the days with Akari.


The photos I attached were taken at Ginger museum, not a kids museum.
Ginger is "ginger" which is plant and food.
The company president of IWASHIT food company, whose main product is pickled ginger and whose head office is in Tochigi prefecture,  built the museum last year to contribute to society. It's a kind of social action work. So the entrance fee is free.
We thought adults enjoy the museum, because pickled ginger is usually eaten for adults.
However the happiest person was Akari.
The president seemed to want to make the place happy for all people, especially family with kids.
As we entered there, we saw free rental costume site, of course Akari dressed up.
And I don't know why????? anyway here and there we saw Alpaka stuffed animals.

The main color is pink.
Because pickled fresh ginger is usually pink.
Can you see the big cap which our elder daughter
 is wearing?


Here we enjoyed ginger ale, and ginger coffee.
They were really really delicious.

If you are interested in Iwashita food company, drop by this site -- a little bit long.

P.S to my friends in America
Just I saw the trail of Mathew in Haiti. I hope the damage to America will be small as much as possible.

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