Wednesday, October 12, 2016

The event at home "MONODUKURI Japan".

Can you see these two towels?
The other day I hold an event at home. As I told you recently I organize an event a month or every two weeks. I want this home to be the place where people get together and talk each other about something interests -- easily. (It means I want to make a available place for people living with their pension.)
This time I hold an event to introduce and talk about MONOZUKURI Japan.
MONOZUKURI simply means making things. but is infused with a deeper impression of skilled craftsmen pouring heart and soul into their work, striving for perfection to regardless of time or cost.
This time I introduced Japanese IMABARI towel, Japanese sweet candy "konpeito" and high^-quality soy sauce "yuasa syouyu".
Can you see the tag on the upper towel? It is the verification of being IMABARI towel.
IMABARI towels are known for their excellent quality. The city of Imabari has especially pure water, so towels that are produced there feel very soft. They must also pass original tests. For example new unwashed towels must sink in water within five seconds. If they don’t soak up water quickly enough, they won’t be certified.
We did it.
We soaked a new Imabari towel into a bucket of water, and --- yes, it sank within 5 seconds.
And We also tried soaking a towel which I bought at 100 yen shop, it took more than 30 minutes to sink.

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