Monday, October 03, 2016

Usual Days have come

Yuki and my usual days have started again.
Since last Wednesday Akari had been with us until Sunday.
Her mother M had to go to Sendai or Tokyo, so our elder daughter T came to help me and stayed with us for one night.
So last week it was a busy, cheerful, and noisy week. Later I'll update where we went out.
After they came back to Tokyo, I cooked pre-cooked dishes for this week as usual.
While M was with me, I organized her desk together, and did "throwing away 15 things " as usual weekly routine.

This time it was very easy. Because she threw her  15"relics" ( I  would have thought that)  easily.
What parents consider relics are completely different from what kids consider as their relics.
This is the last  breakfast for four of us --- we made mini-pancake with special machine called "tokoyaki-ki"

And this is the usual breakfast for Yuki and me.

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