Friday, November 25, 2016


It was snowing yesterday, but it didn't accumulate. And today, it is a sunny day.

Yesterday, as I told you, I was sticking my house, and --- yes, my next-door woman came.
So we talked together while having lunch.

I baked brad ( not me my HB baked it) , and cooked potato gratin.
She and her husband has already spent their retired life, so I invited her husband. But he "politely" declined.
It's OK.
He must have eaten something for his lunch, anyway she took the rest of our lunch to her house.

The snow stopped in the evening. So my students were able to come as usual. I did usual lessons.
Well, this week I don't go to a gym yet, so from now on I'll go.
Before going there, I already baked pumpkin pudding for Yuki  and my snack of this weekend.
Yes, today, it is the last weekday of this week.

And this Sunday I will attend and help a big event.
After the event my Christmas season will have started.

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