Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Colorful leaves and beef

I'll tell you our last Saturday.
In the morning it was a day for me to do voluntary reading at the library. This time I asked two junior high school students to read some English picture books. So I just assisted them.

Then finally we went out to hunt colorful leaves.
We did about one and a half hour drive into a mountain.

Then we "dropped" by a butcher, or you can say, "we dropped by a mountain and finally we got to a butcher".
They deal with TOCHI-beef.

Of course our dinner was grilled beef.

If M and Ah-chan stay with us, we need more more amount of meat. Usually when we grilled meat together, we buy meet at a nearby supermarket.

It means yes, the beef was a little bit expensive , so it was "our" luxurious dinner.

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