Friday, November 04, 2016

Good bye my stamp book,

This "was" my stamp collection book. Finally I let go of it.
I used to collect stamps -- probably when I was an elementary school student.
My uncle used to work for MPT, and he is my mother's youngest brother. ( He is 10 ? 15 years younger than my mother, additionally she has three brothers and two sisters and fortunately they are still fine.) When he was single, he used to visit us to us, and we shared it, So in this  book , you can see, there are single stamps.
I had forgot its existence a year ago. When I visited my mother, suddenly she handed it to me.

What should I do?
I used them as much as I could, I applied for some prizes sending a postcard with one of these stamp.
---but there were too much,
And additionally I collected used stamps.

Though it's difficult to explain, let me try to explain more.
In Japan the posting fee by a post card is 52 yen, and the posting fee by an light envelope is 82 yen, it means, we need 1 yen or 2 yen stamps. In my collection book, there were few such stamps. So I put 60 yen stamps on a post card, or bought a 2 yen stamp and put it with my stamps which totaled 50 yen  to send a post card. --- it was troublesome.
So I decided to discard and sell the stamps.
At a post office, they can change old stamps into new stamps but they charge 5 yen per a stamp.--- Most of my stamps were 10 yen stamps.
I took them to a kind of discount shop which deals with jewelry, brand bags and so on.  -- for me it was the first time to go such a place, so I chose a shop which is in front of the big department store.
And--- I'm surprised, they bought a bag of used stamps for 100 yen ( I was going to donate them) , and they also bought my stamps at about 80% of total price.
-- so I got "just" 1700 yen.
I was going to drop by at the department. However I was flooded with nostalgia? or strange feeling. I didn't use money quickly. I dropped by a nearby supermarket and bought eggs, fresh cream and bananas.

I wanted to make something as a old type house mother, serious, or down-to-earth housewife.
It's really difficult to explain my feeling. Anyway Though I didn't care for my stamp book, it didn't seem to be true.
I made a banana roll cake as my snack. Of course the rest of it was our breakfast.

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