Wednesday, November 09, 2016

Home made sweets?

Probably for you  Brie cheese might be familiar, however for me it is expensive, and it was hard to find one at nearby supermarkets. The other day I found one at a nearby supermarket. These days wine is booming and various kinds of cheese are getting familiar. So Brie cheese is one of them, though this cost 1000 yen.
Anyway I bought it.

And I grilled slice of it with spicy mango jam. It was a good appetizer for wine.

And for our breakfast I grilled brie cheese, potatoes and the last basil leaves growing in our garden.

And I made another sweet,  a grilled apple. It was really simple. I just removed the core and put butter, unrefined sugar and cinnamon  in it, and baked it in the oven for 40 minutes. Perfect!! 

And -- though it's not my homemade, I had this sweet potato cake which was made by the owner's wife at Karaku tea room.
Yesterday it was the day for me to become a pianist. Unfortunately we didn't have the consecutive third full, we had enough audience. So I could play the piano in a relaxed and tense way.

P.S My friend told me this site.

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Rosa said...

I'm surprised at how expensive that brie is! I hope it was a good treat. :)