Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Irish recorder

Yesterday, a friend came with this small recorder -- the right one in the picture.
I used to be into playing the recorder, and still now I've kept this tenor recorder.
Though there were three alto recorders in my house, one was mine and the rest were my daughters', I donated them to a high school a few years ago.
And a soprano recorder ( I don't know whose it was) is in Ah-chan's toy box.


The friend try to discard things in her house ( in Japanese "I" call Dan-sha-ri), and she asked me whether I needed or not it. I said "yes". so she visited me.
I prepared lunch for us, my HB made a good dough, so I baked pizza.

She also brought some oranges and sweet.
So "we" did  that thing.
I put the peel of an orange and baked it with grill.

Of course I pours some water into the tray.

Done! Perfect.

However-- this time I used "oven", not grill.


AikenJan said...

What do you do with the orange peels? I sometimes put mine in the dehydrator and then pulverize them to make a orange peel powder to use in baking. Occasionally I combine grapefruit' orange and lemon peels for a "citrus" mix. I just put it into an old spice container. Jan

Mieko said...

Thanks for your comment. and OK I'll answer your question. It's you how to use orange peels. You introduced a site which shows the way as a cleaner. It says to soak orange peel with white vinegar for five days, and use it with baking soda as a cleaner for oven.
I know the similar way, so I did it. I poured some water into the pan of the grill, and put peels directly into the grill, and turned the grill on.
On the other hand, I sometimes use special oranges, and organic lemons for ingredient of baking and cooking. I don't use mandarin peels. My grand mother used to them, she dried them and put them into the bath, or she sometimes used them as wax and cleaner, so I know this way.

AikenJan said...

Oh, I understand but don't you need an abrasive (baking soda) also? Perhaps you are very careful and protective when you use your oven! I'm going to try it in my microwave. Jan