Thursday, November 03, 2016

Marry Poppins' cooking meetings

Last Tuesday I held the final event of Marry Poppins' cooking meeting.
The content is that reading the book in English version and in Japanese version, understanding more and cooking something in the book. I held the meetings five times.

Let's take a look back.
First we made Yorkshire Pudding.
It was pudding but not sweet.
There were four attendee.


Next, it was Shepherd's pie.
There were three attendee.
We used beef -- it means in Japan it was a little bit expensive.
Then we made Irish  Stew.
I order lamb shoulder chops on the Inter net, because lamb is not so familiar in Japan and we can't buy them at a supermarket nearby.
It was also expensive.
There were three attendee.

And we made upside down cake.
There were also three attendee.
And at the final meeting, we made lemon soufflé.
There were two attendee. For all of three it was the first time to eat it which was hot and  fresh out of the oven.
Everyone enjoyed the luxurious leisure time.  

Cooking of them seemed to have a kind of "slow life".
Well consider the budget --- unfortunately it was a red figure, though I don't want to earn money.

I'm thinking about the next step.


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