Thursday, November 24, 2016


It's snowing, even though it!s still November. 
Luckily  Yuki had the tires of his car changed last weekend, so Yuki was able to commute safely, though the roads must be very crowded.

Anyway , he went out ealier than usual, so I prepared quick breakfast, spicy toufu and egg plants bowl.

Why is it snowing??

It might be caused what I did yesterday.
It was rare thing that I organized the garden alone.

Now it is covered with snow. So, it was effective to organize garden before snowing. 

Today I won't go out anywhere,even  to go to workout.
I will retreat in my house. Shall I call my next-door woman?


AikenJan said...

I read this morning that it was snowing in Tokyo, first November snow in a long time. It's a good excuse to stay home and enjoy reading, baking or taking a nap! 😉 Thanks for the photos. Jan

Mieko said...

Thanks for leaving your comment, Jan.As I wrote about the day in the next blog, I had a really relaxing time with my next door woman.