Wednesday, November 02, 2016


Let me introduce sweets I took during the last week and "yesterday".
I heard that enjoying tea at café "was" a kind of European culture. Appearing Starbucks and other coffee shops seemed to change the culture, especially in the U.S.A.
On the other hand, probably in Japan when I was born there were coffee shops ( we call them Kissa ten). When I was a high school student, I enjoyed having a cup of coffee at a coffee shop near my high school to pretend to be an adult. ( Of course it's "not" illegal. I preferred staying at a coffee shop to a hamburger shop.)
This habit seems to be continued. So as you know I play the piano once a month at a café.
And sometimes I dropped by at a café nearby.

One day of the last week I dropped by there. The owner is a lady who is in her forties.
Now it's the season for a baked apple. I had it. It is a whole apple baked.

And on Saturday Yuki and I also dropped at a café and used book shop.
There on the first floor a man runs a café, and on the second floor his wife runs an used book shop and private library.
There some of my English picture books are also put on the shelf. I brought some books for November.

and we had coffee and this small cup cake for free -- because on the day a Halloween event was hold. They serve this cupcake for free to people who wear something different ( not to put on perfect costume). We went there in strange hats.

And on Sunday we had breakfast outside. -- This is Sweet bean paste toast.
I know someone doesn't like it.

And yesterday, two women came to my house and we made lemon soufflé.

Today it is in the middle of the week, isn't it?


Anonymous said...

I cannot imagine WHO would not like red bean paste! 🙄😝

Mieko said...

Probably --- YOU!!