Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Winter flower basket

First, to readers. Thank you for coming my blog. And sometimes I get comments though it a really miner blog. However, unfortunately these days I get some junk comments, so I changed the configuration of the comments. Just Google users put their comments on my blog.

The other day, my friend came here with this basket.
We have been friends more than 30 years, it means she is the first friend when I came to this town.
Coincidently we are same age.
She decided early retirement and since then she has been into gardening.
And this fall she won a prize at a flower contest. And these days she sometimes open workshop of basket flowers.
And --- usually after the workshop is finished, she brings her sample basket and "put" it on my entrance. -- Lucky me!!!!

She is my friend, so I know I don't need to owe her, however--- she is my friend, so I want to do something.
I made my original hot-wine.

And additionally I made Yuzu-citron & ( organic) honey , and anti-virus spray with my bottles of aroma oil.
It's barter.
She is a really busy person, however on the day she had time to have quick lunch.
So we went out to eat ---

Is it a quick lunch? Yes it's a woman's quick lunch.

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