Friday, November 18, 2016

With Ah--chan

Akari is called Ah--chan, and she calls herself Ah--chan. More correctly she insists like this "this is Ah--chan's". Instead of mine.
Though she might sound selfish, what she often says is "whose is this? " So we often says "this is for e erroneoun".

Last Sunday, while M was attending the wedding ceremony  on of her friend, we played with Ah-chan.
We visited Ina garden center. There we could play with small animals, though it took long time formAkari to touch animals. She doesn't seem to be challengeable or you can say, she seems to be prudent , or cautious. 

Then we visited the south library , there a festival was hold.
We had lunch outside and

We enjoyed a free concert performed by local high school students.
Concerts which allow infants to listen to them are few, so it was a good opportunity for Ah-chan. She was able to sit quiet and enjoyed their performance. 

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