Friday, December 02, 2016

A little bit broken roll cake

This is our breakfast. I called it "Yellow breakfast".
Pumpkin soup, yoghurt with mango sauce, and " a little bit broken roll cake" which I made and rolled .
Yesterday it was a birthday of my student who was going to come. So I prepared it for her. However unfortunately she cancelled the lesson.
I've already prepared ingredients,  and just the last step of rolling was left. That part was the most difficult.
I didn't want the ingredients such as baked sponge cake, whipped cream.
So I rolled it by myself this morning.
Now cold seems to go around finally.
Since yesterday my voice has been hoarse. And-- today I have a slight headache.
I'll go to visit a doctor this morning.
I made an appointment to the doctor on the net, and now there 16 people on the waiting list.

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