Wednesday, December 14, 2016

At cafe Karaku

With success and satisfaction performance at café karaku is finished this year.
Yesterday I played the piano with a actress who gave poet recital at Karakku. This time the audience were all our regular audience. So everybody listened to us with eagerness -- so the café was very quiet, and it made me very nervous.
Usually for the first 10 minutes, she gives poem recital, and next for 15 minutes is talking time just listen to music as a back music. However this time all of them listened to me.
And the last 10 minutes, she gives essay recital.
After our performance, we get a treat. This performance is not job, it's my pleasure.

We really enjoyed a good coffee and a good sweet served on a nice Christmas try.
From now on I have to prepare for choosing pieces for next year. As soon as New year's vacation the second Tuesday comes this year --- it is the first day to perform in a new year at Karaku.

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