Thursday, December 15, 2016

Candy banana --no, fried banana

Last night I had a lesson for a boy who is in the 7th grade.
He came here by bike as soon as he got home from school . He complained "I'm not hungry, but I really want something sweet.". It's unusual. Usually he claims "I'm very hungry".
Well, well, among my students, their claims are usual, so I usually prepare rice for them  and I let them to make rice balls by themselves.

Last night we had a little time to do something,
So I suggested him to eat a banana.
However he doesn't like bananas very much. But, he couldn't be against his eagerness to want something sweet.
So I suggested him to fry  a banana.

Though he "never" cooks at home, here he always shows an interest to cook.
Fried banana  is easy to cook. You can see granulated sugar in the pan.
For him it was the first experience to peel a banana, and slice it in  half.

The sugar got caramelized.
It "seems" to be very delicious ---  because he ate up all.
This morning I also made fried bananas.

Yes, they were very delicious and suited on breakfast.


AikenJan said...

I get a chuckle from this post, Mieko. You are like a second mother to your English students! They obviously feel very comfortable with you and that is a very nice compliment because Japanese culture can be quite formal. Their parents should feel grateful to you for providing this supportive environment for them. Although they might not be aware of your nurturing and encouragement at the present, in years ahead (perhaps long after you are gone) there will be times when they will remember and silently thank you. (Maybe one day when this student teaches his own son to make a sweet banana snack). Jan

Mieko said...
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Mieko said...

Thanks for your comment, Jan. This kind of banana is, a sweet yellow Taiwan type, not, a green type. however whenever I make it, it reminds me the Quban restaurant you took me.