Wednesday, December 07, 2016

Card craft

Yesterday's workshop met with success. All attendees seemed to enjoy it, though two people wasn't be able to come here.
Everybody contemplated their own Haiku. Haiku has one rule that it is necessary to take into only one seasonable word called kigo. Not two, not none.
During a long night
contemplate Haiku
Kudzuyu is a kigo.
From Wikipedia
Kuzuyu  is a sweet Japanese beverage produced by adding kudzu flour to hot water. It has a thick honey-like texture, and in color it appears pale and somewhat translucent. It is served in a mug or tea bowl. Kuzuyu is traditionally served as a hot dessert drink in the winter months.
I served this tree of star cookies.

For a while I enjoy Christmas for my friends and students!


Helen said...

I love your little tree of Star Cookies! Such a clever idea!

Mieko said...

Helen Thanks for your compliment, however --- I just bought this set of cookie cutters.
Additionally I used cookie mix.