Friday, December 23, 2016

Christmas shopping???

Today it is a holiday, and this year we have three-day weekends. So probably today many "family" must go shopping to toy stores, though I don't go there.

Yesterday's online topic was also interesting.

Christmas Shoppers Wait for Deals in Stores, Online

The topics for discussion were --

1 Why do you think that most American shoppers are looking for deals in the holiday shopping season?
2 Do you often look for deals or bargains when going shopping? Why or why not?
3 Do you celebrate Christmas? Why or why not?

1, Of course they know nowadays  before the day of Christmas many stores starts to mark down prices on Christmas goods, because they don't want to carry an inventory.
Is it right?

Well, two days ago I went to 100 yen store to buy something I forgot to buy, -- however they didn't have been sold, not sold out. The Christmas section got smaller and the New Year's section had already been opened.

---- I'm not sure where did the inventory go? Were they thrown away???

2 In my case, though of course I like bargains, I don't look for bargains so often than before.
As I tell you, now I discard 15 things constantly, so I try not to buy things, and when I think a thing is necessary even it's a little bit expensive, I buy at that time. Oh, I have to tell you. There is an exception. Yuki's things are exceptions. Unfortunately the belt of his watch broke "naturally" according to his explanation. Anyway he fixed it with pins. ---- but ---
so I asked him to look for bargains.

2 I have been enjoying Christmas. I'm not a Christian, so I don't go to church. However Christmas is a good excuse to enjoy our life. However I try not to spend money too much, because here in Japan after the Christmas in 5 days we have New Year's party. It's a habitual event day for Japanese people. I have to give some "money" called Otoshidama  to   (not to my daughters) our nieces .
We celebrate "New Year's day" to go family get-together .

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