Monday, December 12, 2016

Discarding 15 things 1211

Though our kitchen and rooms on the second floor was refurbished, I still continue discarding 15 things every week.
While discarding things, I always revise our rooms , closets and desks. I try to put together things which are in the same category into one place.

This week I revised documents  related to my daughters who were at school. Mainly they were kept in their desks, but some documents were kept in the drawer in the living room, in my desk, or closets.
I put together and discarded "anyway" more than 15 sheets including photos.

And I made two files of each of them as  their  memorial  memory holders.
And I changed a tissue cover.
The old one is the upper one in the photo.
The new one is the lower one in the photo.
As you can guess, both of them were made by my daughters. I don't remember which one is made by either daughter.

We had used the yellow one for 15 years or more.
And I knew the pick one had kept in my daughter's desk.
I tried to use it, but it was too small to fit a usual tissue box.
So this time I repaired it and started to use it.

And I know why there is pink thread in my handy sawing box.
Probably when she ( probably my younger daughter) made it, she used it. Since then I've kept it.
I seldom use pink thread, so it is still there.
I wonder I'll use this pink thread from now on.

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