Monday, December 26, 2016

For the new year

I put it outside  for this coming year.
I " made " it myself -- partly.
Yesterday Yuki and I went to a park, there a small workshop  which was probably intended for kids  was held. However there were no attendee, so I participated it. And I partly made it, it means the organizer made this wreath and Yuki and I put some ornaments. First I asked her to make it all, but she said making it brought good luck, so we "helped" or "joined " her by putting these ornaments.
The wreath is made of rice stalk.
Well, well, I thought I might make it using lemon grass stalk I grown in my garden instead of rice stalk --- the year after this coming year.
There I got lots of YUZU citron. So I put them on the entrance shelf.

My preparation for the New year is finished.
I thought M and A-chan was going to come tomorrow.
However the schedule has changed, they are going to come the day after tomorrow. -- (And they are going to stay until the first weekend of January -- I didn't expect it.)
I already made pre-dishes for them until this weekend.

So what shall I do tomorrow?
I have no plan  --- it is a rare day for me.

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