Friday, December 09, 2016

Haiku in December

Did I tell you that -- coincidently I had a chance to get familiar with a used book shop owner. "She " also opens a private library there. So there I asked her to show and lend some of my English picture books. Once a month I visit her and put some seasonable picture books.
The shop is on the second floor, on the first floor there is a café where her husband runs.
So I got a new pleasure time to talk with them once a month having a nice coffee. Of course I love Kararku's coffee, too.

This is my corner at the book store.
Usually this book store and café opens in the evening, because both of them work in the daytime, and as their hobby? or their future work they run their bookstore and café.

The days are shorter
The moon rises earlier
Enjoy long night with hot ginger tee

At a silent winter night
With your favorite book
Stick inside my room

Green and red
Brings us a lot of excitement
In Shiwasu, another name of December

A tree of star cookies
Not only children but also elderlies
Love sweets and Christmas

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Marta Goebel said...

I wonder if you are familiar with a series of picture books about a cat, named Ralph. I love the whole series. It is for children BUT it is a pleasure to look at pictures even if you are an adult. Text is short and simple. My favorite series ever! Check out this link with pictures from the book:
Maybe you could get it and use it with your students.
:) Marta