Monday, December 19, 2016

Pre Christmas concert performed by local high school students

Yesterday, we went to listen to a concert performed local high school students.
Of course it's a pre-Christmas concert.
It was really fun and wonderful.
The ability of their performance was very high. Actually this fall they won the right to participate in a national brass band convention. ( Unfortunately they weren't able to win the convention.)
They played their instruments and introduce their instruments.
They also performed a short musical with singing, dancing and of course playing.
Their youngness was shining.
This concert was held at local resident hall, not at a concert hall or not at their high school.
It means they were organized by the local self-governing body. (This time I learn the word local-governing body).
Last year I ( to be more correct, Yuki who is a house holder) was a organizer of these 14 house holders. It is done in turn, so once 14 years this duty comes to me.
And our local resident is organized by 30? communities. and one person is select as a local resident president. And such presidents organizes the local- governing body.
Usually it seems to be very difficult to select one president.
No one want to do it, while everyone really thank to the local-governing body. -- of course all works are done voluntary.
Thanks to them we enjoyed this Christmas concert.
And I know a person of the  local self-governing body, who is in our community and over 75.
We always appreciate his voluntary activities.

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