Thursday, December 08, 2016

Quiz time!

Starting with making cards with adults, my Christmas month has started.

My students also made their (Christmas?? ) cards.

Let me explain more.
The card below  is made by a boy whose nick name is "haru",
So he wrote some words which relate his name and Christmas words.
H -- home, A-- Angel, R-- ribbon, and U -- unwrap.

quiz 1 Can you relate the alphabet of your name and Christmas words?

Next is the following picture.

kanji, and Hiragana parts must be difficult for people who don't know Japanese.

quiz 2  what is the suitable numbers.
pattern 1 4444---0 6666-4, 9999---4, so 8888--??
pattern 2 12--6, 6---3, 10---3, so 8----???

Why don't you try?
if you know some "simple" and "easy" quiz using numbers, please tell me.


Tim Frost said...

Hello, Mieko. You are definitely a precrastinator, preparing for Christmas quite early.

My answers are 8 and 5. I won't give the explanation yet, in case somebody else wants to discover it for themselves.

Here is a simple number problem, though it is quite hard to think of the answer:
What are the next two numbers in this sequence:
1, 11, 21, 1211, ? , ?

Mieko said...

Hello Tim!! Welcome back to this blog.

Ill reply in a proud voice.
111221, 312211

and of course your answers are right.
My quizzes must be too easy for you!!!