Wednesday, January 25, 2017


This shelf is "my space".
Lastt night I took some seasonable English picture books to café "Kazahana-Bunko".
The place is run by a couple. To explain more correctly, on the first floor the husband runs a café, and on the second floor the wife runs a used-book store and opens private library.
The shelf in the private library is "my space".
Unfortunately they seem not to get enough profit from the café. It means they work regularly in the day time, and opens the café & book store mainly at night.
However little by little they are getting regular customer,(including me) and some of them seems to take my books in their hand.
Yesterday, I visited past 6o'clcok, and talked with them for a while, and had spaghetti there as my dinner.


AikenJan said...

You've written about this cafe before, but my question you sell the books on "your" shelf or are they borrowed (like a library) or do people simple browse through them while having a coffee or meal? Your display is attractive and inviting.
Spaghetti in a Japanese cafe? That would be fun to eat! I would expect Udon noodles before spaghetti! Jan

Mieko said...

Thanks for your comments, Jan.
I don't sell my books. Visitors are able to browse through at the place and if they want they are able to borrow them for free. (In this case the visitors should registered as a library member.

Well, Well, when we say "café" in Japanese, (though it is pronounced KATATANA English) it means American or European style "KAFE". So at such places, they seldom serve UDON, or even sweet red-beans traditional sweets. They serve toast, spaghetti, and cake. At KARAKU café, they serve spaghetti!! And I don't know why curry and rice is also saved at "KAFE".