Sunday, January 29, 2017

at home

It's Sunday, Yuki has gone to play golf. Now I'm at home.
Yesterday I took annual health check, and tomorrow I'll take gastroscopy test. Since my Pylori bacteria was moved off, I need an annual gastroscopy test.

So today I'm spending lazy day ---- ??
I've already discarded 15 things.
I don't like "discard" foods. BUT I don't want to use the bag of flour which was expired. So I "bothered" to make "flour cray" for my granddaughter who is going to come in the middle of February and "bothered" to put it in the freezer, so I had to tidy up the freezer which full of things.

And to make flour clay I used a so small ball that I messed the kitchen than I expected, and I need to clean the kitchen more than usual.

Anyway I did it.

And I also checked whether the new year's post cards we got this year won or not.
Three cards won a prize, of course all of them won the last, but anyway I got three sheets of stamps.

Additionally the new year's post cards which were sold at post office have the lottery number at the bottom.

And I vacuumed the rooms, I washed our pajamas and sheets --.
Oh, now it's the time for lunch.

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