Wednesday, January 11, 2017

At Karaku

I was able to play the piano wearing KIMONO, it was little bit tight but it's OK.
After performing, we were served with this set of sweets! I was very happy.

Well. well. the two woman bothered wearing kimono, --- it might not be correct, we put on KIMONO from our own will. Than I expected it was harder for me to put it on my by myself.
We wanted show our Kimono to someone.
So I took her to my familiar café which owner is as old as she.
There the owner serve ZENZAI during  a month to celebrate this new month.
Actually on Japanese calendar January 11 is called KAGAMI-HIRAKI, it is the day to get down Special Omochi  (rice cake) from the household alter and share the Omochi with everyone.
Zenzai is one way to eat Omochi. It is a sweet bean soup with Omochi. In this soup two small mocha was hidden.

I had a good day.


Rosa said...

What a beautiful kimono!

When I lived in Japan, I had no idea the mochi cakes were edible. I just thought they were for decoration and you threw them away after! LOL!

Mieko said...

Thanks for your comment, Rosa. Though I know mocha cakes are so sticky for some forefingers that they don't like them. However, there are lots of way to eat them. For example, MOCHI-pizza is one way children like to eat MOCHI.