Friday, January 27, 2017

Books I borrowed at the library

Today, it is the last weekday, and ---it's very very cold. It seems to start snowing even in Utsunomiya.
In the morning , instead of going to gym, I'm going to a municipal center to do some errands and stop by at the library.
(And I also have to stop by at the bank.)

Since the winter vacation I've constantly borrowed some books at the library.
And instead of watching TV program recorded on weekday nights in my free time, I tried to read the books --- in a bed.

It means --- to lean against it in the bed.

These three books were very interesting, so I read them at a stretch. (Does it make sense?)

And the other books --- were so-so. So while my head was niddle-noddle, I read them.
Anyway I have to go out, even though it is very cold.

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