Thursday, January 26, 2017

Not too much

This is an article of a Japanese magazine intended for women aged 50 or over, though "aged 50 or over" means --- the generation is very wide.
This lady on the photo is an actress and now she is over 80. She is still active and fine.
She decided to move from her big house (she used to live there with 8? members) to a small apartment when she got 80.Now she lives there with her husband. So she had to discard lots of things.
According to the article, it amounted to 6 big trucks.
And her philosophy, or favorite phrase is that
not eat too much, not worry too much, not own too many things, and "not to be close too near and not to be away too far"
The last phrase seems to be the most difficult to me --- especially to maintain good friendship and family ties.
Well, well, in north area in Japan they are having trouble because of show.
Today's Saijiki  (which is collection of season words or customs) is snow shoveling.
When I came to Tochigi, we used to have trouble because of snow. I often removing snow with a special shovel. Recently here in Utsunomiya we don't have much snow, though I've kept the special shovel for a sudden snow.

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