Thursday, January 19, 2017

Orgamic rice

I got this bag of organic rice from a young farmer who is into running his organic farm.
In this prefecture, Tochigi, there are many farmers who are also landowners. So I always get good rice easily.
Sometimes I have such a chance to be presented rice.
And -- when the rice is presented, there is an important thing. It is I should evaluate the taste of rice --- usually should not evaluate them badly. However until now I've never tasted bad taste rice.
So this time I tried to evaluate this rice, so I cooked the bag of rice at once.
I usually cooked one and a half cup of rice, in this bag there were three cups of rice.

First "we" (Yuki and I) ate them as soon as it was cooked by rice cooker.
This photo is taken by Yuki.
Yes, probably it is a right way to evaluate the taste of rice to eat without anything.
However--- we had a bin of IKURA(salmon roe)

I know any rice must be delicious to eat with good quality IKURA--- anyway of course it was very very delicious.
If I dare to say something, probably the size of grain seems to be smaller than grains we usually eat.
I'm afraid we couldn't eat all of them.
So I made vinegared rice of the rest of rice and -- made OINARI for our next day lunch.

We went out with this lunch to listen to a concert.
However  we couldn't eat all vinegared rice.
So next morning I steamed the rest of vinegared rice and tried to wrap it with flied egg ( it is called Chakin in Japanese) -- I'm clumsy with fingers, so  -- it looked like an omelet though the taste must be the same. 

Anyway I made good use of the bag of rice with fun.
Thanks, Mr., K!

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