Monday, January 16, 2017

This weekend

How was this weekend? Our weekend seems to go back to a usual weekend, though Yuki didn't go golfing.
As I told you, last Wednesday I bought KIBUNA, this year's lucky item.
So we have to return the old one, we "shouldn't" throw it away as a trash.

So we went to a shrine on Saturday when they hold DONTOYAKI which means to put back old lucky items to God.
-- on the day they hold a bonfire to burn the lucky items .

And on Saturday, I did voluntary reading at the library.
This time I did by myself. And from now on if I decide to continue this activity, I have to do it by myself.
Though there are many audience usually, after the activity I leave the place alone and sometimes I feel lonely.
Yesterday, luckily Yuki attended me, and after the activity we went to another place, so I had no time for loneliness.
Well, well why I need to feel loneliness, probably I want  to be admired my volunteer activity from someone.

Anyway move on.
We went to listen to a concert held by junior high school students.
These days we go out to listen high school student's concerts when I got information.
Usually such concerts are free but the information is not open widely.
And the level is high, and I love to feel youth energy.
I had a good weekend.

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