Monday, January 23, 2017

This weekend

Monday has started, it means my usual weekday has also started. This weekend, it was very cold though luckily we didn't have snow. However the north area of Utsunomiya it snowed, so on Sunday the golf course Yuki was going to go was closed.

On Saturday, in the morning I did house errands (throwing away 15 things and cooking pre-cooked dishes) while Yuki was playing tennis, in the afternoon after having lunch at home, we went out shooing and  stopped by a hotel
I got a coupon ticket being able to use at this hotel, just for 500 yen discount.
Anyway it was a good excurse to go to a hotel and have tea.

We enjoyed cake set, and a pot-tea receiving  500 yen discount with this ticket.
On Sunday, though the golf course was closed, in Utsunomiya luckily we had no snow.
So we went to an art museum and listened to a concert.
For a while they are holding "The Legend of OYA Stone: Modern Architecture and Culture of Utsunomiya". Oya stone is famous as one of products in Utsunomiya, and there are many "old" storages made from Oya stone most of which are deserted.. On the other hand some famous Jazz musicians were born in Utsunomiya. As one way to make Utsunomiya city active, to use and advertise Oya stone storages connected with Jazz music.
It means they try to hold a Jazz concert at Oya stone storages.
And Oya stone is also used in this art museum.

It was a good concert. In this photo the audience doesn't seem not so many. However it got full, and some people couldn't enter in this hall.
The main musician is a drummer who was born in Utsunomiya and plays in Japan as a famous drummer. He called his company  and also called young musician who was born in Utsumoniya.
The quality was excellent, and of course it was organized by our city --- it means the enter fee was just 600 yen.
We are willing to pay tax if our tax is always used for such a wonderful thing.

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