Tuesday, January 24, 2017

UNESCO Utsunomiya

The other day I visited an open gallery in Tochigi prefectural office.
There an art exhibition  was hold. "UNESCO art exhibition in Utsunomiya".
The exhibition was organized by UNESCO Utsunomiya.

The origin of my English activity and International volunteer activity is in  UNESCO Utsunomiya.
My daughters and I owed the head director of it.
For a while I was also one of directors of it.
She (the head director) gets too old to manage the club.
And unfortunately no one couldn't take over the job (It's not a job, because it is a volunteer group.)
There seem to be some reasons why no one couldn't take over it despite of the big name of UNESCO.
One is that no one paid.
And all directors have a job but they are not related to UNESCO activity directly. If I dare to say that my job is related to UNESCO activity closet. However I couldn't afford to contribute to its activity.
And it means the group couldn't get any support from private companies.
Another reason is
It was too late for directors to recruit younger directors to their group.
And now their style seems to be outdated.
"outdated" -- probably it's a correct word to describe the group.
However, I don't know what is a suitable word to describe "volunteer activity".
The gallery is on the 15th floor in the building. 



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