Monday, January 09, 2017

Usual days have started!

Today it's Monday, and it's a holiday in Japan.
However Yuki goes to work as usual, and I'm doing usual things -- though the gym is off.

I prepared pre-cooked dishes for this week.
Some things like cream cheese, fresh cream was left because I couldn't use them up.
So I baked biscuits with fresh cream ( it means without butter), and a kind of cheese cake with gelatin (it means without baking.) Well, well, the cheese cake seems to be cracker cake. Cracker is also left, and I put too much cracker under the cheese cake. No problem. 

During the New Year's vacation, I was going to read these books at night.  I thought I wouldn't use my PC, and I wouldn't be interested in watching TV with my family --- and it was right, and I was going to read books in the bed --- however  I slept into as soon as I went to bed.

So today I'll read these books using this new big bead-cushion.
Yes, it's new!!! I bought it as a reward for myself.
It's easy for me to lean back (does it make sense?) on the futon, and to take a nap quickly.
Anyway my usual days have started. I miss the bustle just before a few days, and I'm relieved to stay alone at home.--- I know in a few days this relief will change into a sense of loneliness.

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